Drive chains

The ideal roller chain for your needs is offered by KettenWulf. From application in various industrial production plants to the use in agricultural machinery – we have the solutions.

Whether you need a chain with a high resistibility against continuous loads, temperature changes or corrosion – KettenWulf always has the perfect solution. We offer an extensive range of roller chains in all sizes for a wide variety of applications according to DIN and international standards:

  • KettenWulf RC roller chain
  • KettenWulf HFS roller chain (high wear resistance and high fatigue strength)
  • KettenWulf SS roller chain (stainless steel)
  • KettenWulf TGI roller chain (resistance to corrosion, high wear resistance and fatigue strength)
  • KettenWulf LF roller chain (lubrication-free)
  • KettenWulf O/X ring roller chains
  • For conveyor applications, KettenWulf offers the following product series or applications:
  • KettenWulf C-roller chain (with straight link plates)
  • KettenWulf DP roller chain (double pitch roller chain)
  • KettenWulf CC 600 crate conveyor chain
  • KettenWulf drop-forged chains
  • KettenWulf solid pin chains
  • KettenWulf agricultural chains
  • KettenWulf CP chains (conveyance protection chains)

In addition, KettenWulf provides the following hollow pin chains:

  • KettenWulf hollow pin chain (based on the dimensions of DIN 8187/8188)
  • KettenWulf 1650HP hollow pin chains
  • KettenWulf DP-HP double pitch hollow pin chains
  • KettenWulf BS-HP hollow pin chains (British standard)

New chains are continually being designed, developed and successfully implemented for a wide range of special purposes.