On 1st October 1925, the foundation stone for the successful development of the KettenWulf Group was laid.


In the 1960’s KettenWulf started its own production of sprockets. At this time, the company employed 110 employees.


The company expanded its range with the production of chains for the escalator industry and the number of employees rose further to 180.


The first international branch was opened in Belgium. Also the production facility at the main factory in Kückelheim was expanded.


In 1990, the company’s growth was continued through the establishment of the Austrian and Polish sales offices. With the takeover of GEKA in 1999, KettenWulf Export Division was created in the north of Germany.


In 2002, KettenWulf founded the Hangzhou Wulf Chain Co. Ltd. joint venture in Hangzhou, China and in doing so, paved the way for expansion in China.


In 2004, the office in Atlanta was opened as KettenWulf USA, as well as another sales office in Breclav (Czech Republic).


KettenWulf expanded its international service and sales network further by opening a sales office in India.
SAP was set up in the KettenWulf USA office.


KettenWulf USA grew to the 3. major strategic hub in the KettenWulf Group, besides KettenWulf Germany and Hangzouh.


The responsibility of the Central and South American market was tranfsered to KettenWulf USA.