Reclaimer systems

The stacking and homogenizing of bulk materials, in particular of raw material and coal, is carried out by means of various reclaimer systems.
For this application, KettenWulf offers a wide selection of conveyor chains, engineered to meet special on-site conditions like high impact loads, abrasive and corrosive media, heat and dust.

KettenWulf has developed special sealing systems for chains operating in abrasive and corrosive environments. These sealing systems protect the chain joint against any penetration of abrasive materials, moisture or other media which is a decisive criterion for increasing the service life of the chain and reducing operating costs.
The reclaimer chain with, lifetime-lubricated outboard rollers, is just one out of many other examples of how KettenWulf makes use of this sealing technology

KettenWulf special chains and sprockets ensure a trouble-free operation under severe operational conditions in stockyard equipments such as bridge-type scraper reclaimers, portal reclaimers, side scrapers or circular homogenizing storage systems.