Bulk material handling industry

For almost all transportation processes in the bulk material handling industry KettenWulf develops and produces optimal chain designs.

Continuously cooperating with the most well known equipment manufacturers around the world, we are able to offer innovative and efficient products of the highest quality.

KettenWulf provides special chains and sprockets for the transport of nearly all bulk materials such as:

  • clinker, gypsum and clay for cement production
  • granulates in fertilizer production
  • coal, coarse-grained ore, crushed stone, limestone and slate in the mining industry
  • biomass, coal, slag and quartzite in power stations
  • polymers in the production of plastic
  • wood chips in the wood and paper industry
  • punching waste or scrap in the automotive and metalworking industry
  • recycling materials in waste separation facilities

High flow rates of material with temperatures of up to 900°F, centre distances of 820 ft, high lifting heights and conveying capacities of over 35,0000 ft³ per hour are some of the main challenges the bulk material handling industry faces.

apron conveyors
hinged conveyors
pan conveyors
trough chain conveyors
scraper reclaimers
bucket elevators

KettenWulf meets the special requirements of this industry with chain components made to the strictest tolerances, optimal press fits and fatigue resistant materials with superior surface qualities.

Moreover, KettenWulf provides technical on-site support to select the best combination of chain and sprockets based on the specific working conditions of the application.