CC5 Chain

Since the North American automotive industry has relied on this particular chain type for decades, KettenWulf has successfully introduced their version of the CC5 chain range to the market.

As a German chain manufacturer, there is an importance to not just focus on European chain styles, but to be able to meet the demand for these CC5 chains. KettenWulf has created a modular chain design out of which every version can be assembled or retrofitted.

The CC5-chain is available with several components with which the chain can be outfitted, in the desired sequence. Among them are not just high rollers, or guide blocks, but also special components such as skid supports, or chain pins with grease nipples. A lube-free version of the CC5-chain is also available upon request.

KettenWulf USA maintains the CC5-chain as a warehouse item, so that even short-term demands can be fulfilled.